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Ceiling and Patient Lifts

We stock a variety of Fixed and Portable Ceiling and Patient Lifts to support your needs. Many sizes and options available. Our knowledgable staff is available to assist you in the selection, purchase and installation of any of the ceiling and patient lifts that we carry. If you are faced with a temporary situation, our products are also available for rent. Call toll free (844) 837-2869 for more information.

A Sampling Of Ceiling and Patient Lifts Shown Below

Please note that all products shown below are just a representation of what we have available in our accessibility stores. Some products may require special ordering, and we have specialists available at all store locations to assist you with finding the right ceiling and patient lift system to suit your needs.

Fixed Patient Ceiling Lifts

  • Small to heavy-weight units
  • Quiet operation and quick lifting speed
  • Easy-to-charge batteries, emergency manual operation

Portable Patient Ceiling Lifts

  • Lightweight and portable with a range of weight capacities
  • Safety mechanisms insure confidence throughout handling
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles

Free-Standing Patient Lifts

  • Easy-to-assemble units require no tools
  • Perfect for temporary as well as permanent solutions
  • Suitable for use in homes or institutions

Multi 3 and 4 Post Patient Lift Systems

  • Allows for the use of a ceiling lift over a standard hospital bed without
  • Permanent installation required
  • Perfect for temporary and permanent solutions
  • Facilitates transfer to and from bed as well as repositioning in bed

Sit-To-Stand Lifts

  • Easily fits through doorways
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Requires minimal assistance from the caregiver

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