Bariatric surgery can be a life changing event. It often leads to a new beginning, a much healthier lifestyle. During the recovery period, however, you may need extra help because of pain and lack of mobility. Here at AccessAbility, we offer various products that offer convenience to one who needs help after their bariatric surgery.

Mobility Equipment

We offer various products to help you get around after your weight loss surgery. Our wheelchairs can withstand weights up to 700 pounds and come in a variety of widths and depths. Coming in both automatic and manual versions, they are heavy duty and made to last no matter which model is best for you.

If you need to be able to stand and walk around but need help doing so, we offer a few options for you as well. AccessAbility offers bariatric crutches and canes that come in various sizes and models. Our canes come in both quad and offset versions, and our crutches come in different adult sizes. If a walker is more your speed, we offer both regular walkers and rollators in bariatric versions.  Our bariatric dual-release walkers and rollators come in capacities that can hold up to 500-700 pounds, depending on the model of your choice. We also offer wheel kits for the walkers if you want to change the legs.

Seats, Commodes, Beds

AccessAbility has many kinds of chairs in stock for those who need them, such as shower chairs, transfer benches, raised toilet seats, and more. Our shower chairs are made to last through the effects of water over time, and come with rubber bottoms so that the chair does not slide around while you shower. This is a great product for those who just had surgery and are having a difficult time standing in the shower. We also offer raised toilet seats for those who need the extra lift due to difficulties bending. These come in a 600 pound weight capacity variety, so they are durable!

We also offer the best commodes on the market in bariatric variations. They come in both normal and drop-arm variations. They come in a 650 pound capacity extra wide version, so they are made to last for any job.  These commodes are a great help for those who need the extra help, so that is why we only offer high quality, durable bariatric models.

Our hospital beds are heavy duty and come with full electric functionality. They also have a manual crank in case there is an outage of power. These beds are quiet, smooth, but also quite durable. They come in many size options for people of all heights and weights. It may be hard to get out of bed without help, and that is why we offer these comfortable, helpful beds to those who need them.

AccessAbility Has Everything You Need!

We understand how hard it is to do anything on your own after a surgery. Weight loss surgery will make you a healthier person, but you may need help during recovery time. Don’t try to do everything on your own, AccessAbility is here to help! Give us a call today to order the best bariatric products in the southeast Wisconsin area!

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