If you are in a situation where you are recovering from a recent surgery or injury, you should be getting plenty of rest. You may need to be in bed many hours of the day, allowing yourself to recover as smooth as possible. However, there are many situations where one would need to get out of bed, and doing it alone, or even with another person’s assistance, can be difficult and even painful. That is why we have taken care to provide the Madison, Wisconsin community with patient and ceiling patient lifts from SureHands, a brand of patient ceiling lifts known for quality. With one of our lifts, you and your caretaker will significantly reduce risk and difficulty when getting in and out of bed each time you use it.

Patient Lifts for all Types of People

Everyone in need of a patient lift in Madison is able to get one for their unique needs. If you are looking for a patient lift with heavier holding capacity, we offer models than can hold heavier weights. If you are in need of one for a small child or a lightweight individual, we offer those as well. Shape, size, and age do not affect your chances of getting a patient ceiling lift with us!

Various Models for Various Preferences

If you are looking for a patient ceiling lift that is fixed in place at all times, we offer quiet, fast lifts that work great for your home. If you need something portable, we have patient lifts that can be moved around as needed. We also offer lifts that help people get from a seated position to a standing position, which is a lightweight model that allows more independence from its user. Many of these lifts work great for everyone, regardless of whether you are temporarily in need of accessibility or are looking for a permanent solution to help you out every day. Regardless of what the use of your patient ceiling lift is and what you prefer/need, we have a lift here for you at AccessAbility!

AccessAbility: the Home Medical Branch of the Access Family of Companies!

Here at hmestore.net, we offer only high quality home medical products for those of you in need of bariatric equipment, hospital beds, commodes, and walkers, rollators, and more. Located in Cudahy, Wisconsin, we are just one branch of our larger Access company. We have been in business for over 20 years dealing in accessibility products. We take pride in providing our clients with the best products from well-known brands such as SureHands, Bruno, and Golden Technologies. If you are in the Madison area and in need of a patient ceiling lift for your home, be sure to take a look at our lifts for your consideration. Accessibility is our passion and we would like a chance to prove it to you. Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing a lift today!

ACCESS ABILITY Home Medical Store has a Beautiful showroom in Cudahy To Serve You!

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