Lift chairs are wonderful additions to your home. They are personal, comfortable, and provide great assistance to those in need. Here at the reasons why you should consider purchasing a lift chair today:

Extra Help and Support

A lift chair is a personal chair made for you that with a push of a button, lifts you up and helps you get up and out of your chair when you want to. This chair is great for those who have a harder time getting out of chairs due to a disability.

Our chairs also come with extra lumbar support. That support makes these chairs a great choice for the buyer that could use the extra comfort. Our Maxi-Comfort Series from Golden Technologies all have this great feature called MaxiComfort Ultimate Recline Technology. Back pressure can be a painful problem to deal with, but the MaxiComfort technology relieves much of this pain because of its design. This comes standard in all of our Maxi-Comfort lift chairs from Golden Technologies!

High Level Comfort

These chairs are great for you to have as your “personal” chair. You won’t want anyone sitting in your chair if you are around, because you’ll love it so much that you will want to be in it all the time! The seat comes soft and comfortable so that you can sit in it as long as you want without any problems. Most of our lift chair options come with a recliner option so that you can lay down, too. You can switch between sitting up to watch the football game on Sunday to taking a nap after it’s over in a matter of seconds.

Many Options and Styles Here at AccessAbility!

There are various models that we have here at AccessAbility Home Medical Equipment. Our options come in three different series of chairs from Golden Technologies: Maxi-Comfort, Comfort, and Value series. These series all have different characteristics such as features and pricing, but are all wonderful choices that have something for everyone. Be sure to explore all these options to find the qualities that suit your needs the most.

We have options that include optional accessories such as cup holders, trays, and storage compartments, for example. We have four different sizes of our chairs in stock, one of them being a smaller junior size. Big or small, there is an option for you! We also have different materials and colors that our chairs come in, and you can choose one based on your preference. These choices make these chairs more personal based on your style, so that you can pick a chair that is both functional and fashionable.

As you can see, our selection is great in size and have many different variations, all with something great about them. Whether you want to rent or purchase, AccessAbility is the best place to find a lift chair. Do not struggle anymore with an ordinary, uncomfortable chair. Get extra support and comfort with our Golden Technologies lift chairs today! Give us a call for more information.

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