Getting around with a disability can be difficult. With that being said, there are wheelchairs that help many people get around every day. Wheelchairs provide a huge convenience to people with disabilities. When some people cannot get around on their own, a wheelchair, regardless of whether it is manual or powered, is a product that adds convenience and independence to a disabled person’s life. Here at AccessAbility, we sell and rent out the best accessibility equipment available including automatic and powered wheelchairs to the Madison, Wisconsin community.

Manual Wheelchairs

When it comes to manual wheelchairs, we sell many different models to reflect the different needs of the Madison community. If you are in need of a wheelchair that holds a large capacity, then we have a wheelchair model that can hold 600 to 1000 pounds. If you prefer a wheelchair that is lightweight and easy to take around, we have lightweight foldable models that can easily be lugged around by anyone. These lightweight models can weigh around 30 pounds. When it comes to comfort, all of these wheelchair models provide that with ease. However, if you are looking for wheelchairs with even more comfort, we have reclining wheelchairs as well as Geri Chairs, which are comfortable reclining home chairs that are easily moveable by caretakers.

Powered Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs are also available in different models for the Madison community. We have standard models which provide all the conveniences of a powered wheelchair. We also have heavy duty powered wheelchairs that can hold up to 600 pounds with no problems. If you are looking for something with some extra power, we have high and ultra-high performance models that provide extra stability and all-around performance to the user. We also have a lightweight series that have lightweight frames that you can disassemble so that you can easily take this chair anywhere you go.

Wheelchairs at AccessAbility Available Now!

Regardless of your needs and preference, AccessAbility is ready to serve you. If you need a wheelchair rental, we have rentals options of many models available at all times so that you can get your wheelchair whenever you need it. If you know you will need to buy one, we have many different wheelchairs ready for purchase as well. Some of the models we offer do need to be ordered, but you will not have to wait long to get around in your new chair. We have many of our available chair models on display for you to see in person at our location. Feel free to come by our showroom in Cudahy to see the quality for yourself.

If you are in the Madison area or somewhere nearby and in need of a wheelchair to buy or rent, get yours at AccessAbility. We deal many accessibility products as well including lift chairs, bariatric equipment, stairlifts, and more, so be sure to come to us for other accessibility needs as well. We look forward to serving you in the near future!

ACCESS ABILITY Home Medical Store has a Beautiful showroom in Cudahy To Serve You!

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