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Have you been having difficulties with traveling around Wisconsin on foot because of a disability or recent surgery? If you have, there is a great option for you to look into for that extra help you may need, and that option is a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters are electronic transportation devices that help you travel around when you need help walking. They provide a great convenience for those who use them. With an electric mobility scooter, you are ready to live a happier, more independent life. If you are looking to get a mobility scooter in the Wisconsin area, look no further than AccessAbility. We are a company that is proud to serve high quality mobility scooters and more accessibility products and home medical equipment to the Wisconsin area.

Different Models of Scooters

At AccessAbility, we offer many different models for our mobility scooters. All of them are of high quality and are built to last and work for a long time, but they come better suited for different needs. For example, some are capable of traveling faster speeds. Others may a higher weight capacity. Some may travel for a longer period of time/distance on a single charge. Depending on what you need and/or prefer, we have a scooter for you. We offer scooters from Golden Technologies as well as Pride Mobility Products, two great brands that provide wonderful mobility scooters with experiences that you will love.

These mobility scooters will help you get around Wisconsin reliably because they are built to last. All of our scooters are rechargeable scooters that offer many miles of travel on a single charge. Our scooters provide a smooth, easy ride for those who need them, allowing for a pleasant experience for all users. We have some models that can hold up to 200 pounds, some that can carry up to 300, and some that can even carry up to 330 pounds! These different styles of scooter offer different experience and solve many types of needs for everyone, so be sure to take a look at our selection so that you can find out which scooter is best for you.

Mobility Scooter Accessories

We also offer a large selection of Pride Mobility Scooter Accessories so that you can add different optional accessories to your scooter. These accessories provide you with a more personal, pleasurable experience that will make you love your mobility scooter even more. Options such as rearview mirrors, front and rear baskets, cup holders, cane holders, and more will allow you to make choices that will provide even more convenience and style to your mobility scooter. You will love these options, so be sure to take a look!

AccessAbility: The Best Place for Mobility Scooters in All of Wisconsin!

We know that your needs are one of a kind, and that is why we have such a great selection of mobility scooters and accessories. Be sure to contact us today to find out more about our wonderful mobility scooters and home medical

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